Chuvash Bible Names

Many believe Chuvash were pagan or shaman before Russian missionaries forcibly converted them into Chtistianity in 19th century. An isolated nation, the Chuvash had faded by then both culturally, socially and economically. But if you look closer at both the language and what remained of culture you'd see that conventional wisdom is only half-true. Among vocabulary relics from all three Abrahamic religions and Zoroastrism and what-not, there's this huge archive - 10000 Chuvash names collected by missionary V. K. Magnitsky. The lastest edition is titled Traditional Chuvash Names, which fair considering it is still being referred to as pagan or non-Christian, or pre-Christian names' list.

The list mostly includes names which are not Turkic in essence. Among others are: Аvlej, Аvnair, Almet, Amalek, Аtam, Ahaj, Ahman, Ahram, Muşşej, Esek..

Or shall I say:
Abel, Abner, Alemeth, Amalek, Adam, Aiah, Ahiman, Ahiram, Moses, Ezekkia...

Muşşej / Massej?

Seems impossible? Well, look back in history and you will find Patria Onoguria or Old Great Bulgaria, a state granted to Onogurs and Kutrigurs by the Byzantine. It is documented that Byzantine missionaries helped translate the Bible into Onogur  a Chuvash-like language. Unfortunately the work disappeared with the subsequent dissolution of Patria Onoguria and Old Bulgaria. So we can speculate that early Chuvash Christian culture was brought to the Volga by Bulgarians. We can only wish there was further investigation. The research is sure to make great revelations.

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