Chuvash Language Comittee

In March 2009 Chuvash Language Comittee held it's first session after a long while of complete inaction. The newly established comittee will advise the political establishment on ways to develop the Chuvash language, standardize it, bring it up to date. The members of the comittee are responsible for adavncement of the Chuvash language.

The first decree concerns the standardization of Chuvash encoding for use in the electronic media. It orders the Unicode symbols Latin Ăă (A Breve), Ĕĕ (E Breve), Çç (C with Cedilla), Ÿÿ (Y diaresis) to be used for corresponding letters of the Chuvash Alphabet. Unicode has similar Cyrillic characters, but the latter ones have rarely been used by the Chuvash. Besides, using Cyrillic characters would mean creating special fonts, while the Latin equivalents are available in most of the standard fonts worldwide. A special Chuvash keyboard layout with these characters for PC is available from the site of the comittee @ Also try Mercen Raşşej, an alternative to the official one - available @

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