The Chuvash Writing of Modern Period in Book Covers

Source: «Эволюция чувашской письменности».

1769. A Collection of articles about Chuvash grammar is issued in St. Petersburg.

1803. Pĕcĕkşĕ Kattahhisĭs (Brief Catechism) is printed in Kazan.

 1867. Şöltalăk kneke (Annual Book) is a annual collection of literary texts based on folklore.

1872. In Kazan Căvaš Acisene (To Chuvash Children), an ABC book written by I Ya Yakovlev is out in print.

1873. Pukvar' tl'a cuvaš s prissojetinenĭjĕm russkŏi aspŭkkĭ is a manuscript by I Ya Yakovlev containing the finalized version of the Modern Chuvash Alphabet, it was printed in Kazan. 

1919. Căvaš şyrune vĕrenmelli kĕneke (A Study Guide of Chuvash Writing) by I T Trofimov is printed in Kazan. 

1923. Şulpuşĕ (The Guide) is the first Chuvash ABCbook printed in the capital of a newly formed Chuvash Republic, Šupaškar (Cheboksary)  

1930. Şĕnĕ jal (New Countryside) is a textbook on Chuvash writing for illiterate grown-ups.

 1933. In Cheboksary an ABC book by A T Trofimov called Pukvar (ABC book) is out in print.

1989. T V Artemyeva et al. create Căvaš Bukvarĕ, that teaches the current Chuvash Writing.

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