The Russian Paratype Sans Typeface Ignores Official Chuvash Republic Type Standards

ЧĂВАШЛА? Кунта пус Just before New Year a happy piece of news came from Paratype company — a new typeface was produced which includes characters of all minority languages in Russian Federation. Presently only one typeface is freely distributed - PT Sans.
PT Sans is developed among others for the official federal program aimed at assembling a collection of typefaces for use by businesses, government officials in the multilingual environment.  According to the project's mission this will help spread and develop minor languages. Still in 2010 non-Russian nations face great obstacles in communicating in their languages. Every nation is coping in its own unique way. Users of Chuvash language have been trying numerous methods too: creating special fonts, mixing Cyrillic and Latin characters (present official standard in Chuvashia - CVLat blog), and some use Latin script.
The project is realized with the help of Federal Agency on Press and Mass Communications of Russia.
The typeface includes 8 fonts — 4 regular; 2 caption; 2 condensed.
In 2010 the work will be continued, PT Serif is promised to be distributed next.
Although a very neat typeface it however doesn't satisfy the standards of Chuvash Republic's Chuvash Language Comittee. 1) Ĕĕ (Latin character Ee breve) is absent. 2) Ÿÿ (another standard character) is too diverse and should be replaced by more familiar Yakovlev glyphs - Уу with hungarian diaresis.
We've managed to improve the typeface for Chuvash use. We don't own the copyright and our version is also freely distributed:
CVLat version

Paratype Sans:

PT Sans Caption:

PT Sans Narrow:

Our version is available here.

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